English, American, German
18th to 20th Century

Cyanomia violiceps   Leucippus chionogaster
John Gould
“The Hummingbirds”
One of the World's Great Ornithological Studies
418 Prints in five volumes from 1847-1861
Hand-colored lithograph with transparent oil colors and varnish
Sold with Original Descriptive Page and a copy of the title page
Acid-free matted to 22" x 28"
From Vol. 5, dated 1861, priced at $1150.00 each
Cassell's Poultry Book
Chromolithograph, by Day and Sons, London, 1880
“White-Crested Black Polish”
Acid-free Matted to 14" x 16", Priced: $160.00 each
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